Transportation Provider Information Form

Please complete the form below. If you have any issues you can print out the form and fax it to us at 602.200.5505. Thank you.

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Current Number of Drivers
Do you train, perform background and drug tests, and evaluate drivers or employees?
Do you have automobile insurance of at least $1,000,000?
If no, What are your limits at?
Do you have general liability insurance of at least $1,000,000?
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Do you have workers comp insurance of at least $1,000,000?
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What 2-way system/technology do you use to communicate with drivers?:
Any Additional Information that will help us understand the transportation market or your company.
Please include if you currently do NEMT trips and an average number of trips per month:
Total Transit is currently operating a smartphone app for business-to-consumer, direct-to-driver dispatch (RideShare) and we are rapidly working on expanding the application for business-to-business use. Use of this technology dramatically increases the efficiency of the dispatching process but requires the driver to have an approved smartphone.
What are your thoughts on this technology and its applicability to improving your business?:
Are you a Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE)
If so are you registered?